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I Show People How To Create Powerful New Eating Habits
(and how to have fun doing it!)

Are you struggling with weight loss? Inflammation? Lack of energy?

Food choices and eating habits are probably the culprit.

Together we'll work to create powerful, nutrient focused eating habits

that will serve your mind body and soul

- without all of the stress and anxiety "

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Superfoods for a
Super YOU!

Why start out just wanting to "eat better" 

when you can take the challenge

and start your journey

to becoming the very "best" eater that you can be

Want to become a powerful eater?

The first thing is to change how you identify.

Identity informs and inspires action.

If you consider yourself a "Snacker" then you eat snacks. If you consider yourself a Superfooder then you eat superfoods. Simple.

But creating powerful habits can be hard for a number of reasons 

  • First we live in a culture that glorifies bad food, and by bad food I mean foods lacking in nutrients

  • Most of our eating patterns are leftover from childhood

  • Lack of support


Developing a powerful eating identity will require planning, action, support and accountability

but it is most definitely achievable

Just imagine what becoming a Superfooder could do for your life...

plus it just sounds a whole lot better than "fast-fooder"


What I Specialize In

Nutrient Focused


Breaking Ties With Fast Food

Developing A Fun Approach To Health & Wellness

Setting Attainable Goals

Accountability & Support

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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When life gets crazy, get healthy!

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