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Woman Having Yogurt

Intentional Eating

Discover What You're Capable Of!

There are no universal eating rights and wrongs -

There's only how you eat now and how you wish to eat in the future.

In this 4- week program we will work together to find the origins of your current eating patterns, define the path that you wish to be on and develop the action tools that will get you there.

Vegan Tacos


16 - Week Intensive To Go From "Eater" to Superfooder

Nutrients first.

Becoming a Superfooder simply means developing an eating identity where nutrient density is priority.

In this 16- week program we will use the "step up to step off" method to incorporate superfoods into your diet, to develop a "nutrients first" attitude and to gradually remove and exchange the not-so-positive portions of your daily eating habits.

Egg and Avocado Salad
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